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Simple, Market based, Affordable and Repairable Technologies

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using local materials.

Water users

We solve your water problems

through Manual drilling and installation for Affordable and Repairable Pumps

Eastern Manual Drilling


makes Simple, Affordable, and Repairable Pumps (SMART) that provide water.

Our services will

provide water for drinking, washing and generating income.

Some of our products & services

Deepening hand dug well: Well pipe

When a well dries up in the dry season it can be made deeper with the so called Underlining method. With bricks or blocks one ring is made. A next ring is made underneath so the first ring stays in place.(does not go down like cement rings) In this way the...

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Wire-brick cement tank

These tanks are made with wire, bricks and cement. No steel reinforcement is used.Advantages compared to ferro cement tanks20-40% cheaperSimpler in constructionProduced with local materialsSame strengthDisadvantages compared to ferro cement tanksNot yet...

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Manual drilling: Shipo method

An option to make manual drilled tube wells is the so called SHIPO drill.Advantages compared to hand dug wellsIs fasterCan be cheaper in soils where a well needs to be completely lined.More water guarantee in dry season since it can drill deep into the...

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Manual drilling: Mzuzu

In softer soils with water levels of 8 meter or less a tube well can also be made with a the Mzuzu drill using a Soil punch and bailer.Advantages compared to SHIPO drillingIs much cheaperLess tools and skills neededEasier to see the soil coming...

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Hand pumps: Rope pump

Rope pumps have a wheel, a rope and washers to lift the water.Advantages compared to Afridev pumps3 to 5 times cheaperSimpler in constructionEasier to install and repairLocal production so low cost spares are availableFit for small communitiesCan be an...

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