Rope pumps have a wheel, a rope and washers to lift the water.

Advantages compared to Afridev pumps

  • 3 to 5 times cheaper
  • Simpler in construction
  • Easier to install and repair
  • Local production so low cost spares are available
  • Fit for small communities
  • Can be an option where Afridev pumps are too expensive

Disadvantages compared to Afridev pumps

  • Is not fit for large communities, max. number of users 150
  • Requires more frequent maintenance.
  • Has less “Hi-tech” look
  • Is a semi open pump so water in the well could be contaminated by the rope.

(Studies indicate that in similar wells, and good quality pump and installation, the water quality from a Rope pump is hardly less than water quality from piston pumps like an Afridev pump.)


  • Rope pumps can pump from wells of 1 to 35 meters deep
  • Fits on any size hand dug well and Tube wells with casings of 2 to 6 inch
  • Pump capacity; 0 – 10m deep-35 l/min, 10 – 20m deep-18 l/min, 20- 35m deep-9 l/min