An option to make manual drilled tube wells is the so called SHIPO drill.

Advantages compared to hand dug wells

  • Is faster
  • Can be cheaper in soils where a well needs to be completely lined.
  • More water guarantee in dry season since it can drill deep into the aquifer
  • Can be done at any time no need to wait for the dry season
  • Safer. Hand dug wells may collapse

Disadvantages compared hand digging:

  • Requires specific tools
  • Does not work in case of boulders or gravel larger than 2 cm
  • Requires  skilled technicians
  • Less storage capacity
  • A disadvantage of a borehole (compared to a hand dug well) is that there is no access to the water if the pumps is broken


  • SHIPO drill method is used much in Tanzania and trained via, promoted by SHIPO.
  • It is a combination of sludging and percussion and can be combined with Jetting.
  • It has a heavy lower drill pipe and other drill pipes are of PVC so light weight
  • It makes tube wells with casings of 2 to 6 inch diameter and drill to 50 meters deep
  • Cost depends on soil type, length of screen and diameter of casing
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